Late yesterday I published the new Top Marketing Agencies in Atlanta slide. This version represents a current view of network and independent agencies in our market. Here are few highlights that I want to call to your attention:

  • Added 2 Networks: Dentsu and MDC Partners.
  • Removed Engauge. It was acquired last year by Zenith Optimedia (full disclosure: Engauge was my prior employer).
  • Added several PR firms and digital agencies to the Independent agency category.

The Top Marketing Agencies in Atlanta

The Qualification Criterion

There are a couple of things that I want to clarify regarding this slide:

A) The selection process:
For agencies that are a part of the major networks (e.g.: WPP, Omnicom/Publicis, IPG, Dentsu, MDC Partners), I simply consolidated public information. For independent agencies, I used the following qualifications:

  • Number of employees (15+)
  • Annual revenue ($3M+)
  • Prior history of digital marketing campaigns
  • News regarding new clients/engagements

The objective is to eventually consolidate the list to 100 agencies. Additional criteria may/will be used reach this objective.

B) Corrections/Updates:
If you find an error or would like to be considered, please contact me at my work email address (ttishgarten at arke dot com). You may also want to subscribe to my Agency Digest email list to receive noteworthy news about Atlanta agencies and updates regarding this slide:

If you have any other feedback, please leave it below in the comments. I hope that you find this slide to be as valuable as I have.

Tomer Tishgarten is the Director of Digital Engagements at Arke. In this role, Tomer provides strategic leadership with marketing technology platform implementations, including open-source and commercial Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Web Content Management systems. Throughout his 15 year career that spans both client and agency side work, he has lead web application development and system architecture engagements for mid-size and enterprise clients, including Assurant, Bank of America, General Electric, Georgia-Pacific, Hershey's, IBM, LexisNexis, Nestle, Outback Steakhouse, Target and The Home Depot.