What’s the holy grail of customer experience? Hint: It’s not a flash sale.

This post is the first of a three part series, click here for parts two and three.

It consists of a personalized purchase path you can guide your prospects and customers through for a loyalty building experience that is informed by their past behavior and results in positive revenue and profitability.

Implicit Behavior + Explicit Behavior= Integrated Data View —> Personalized Purchase Path (P3)

Examples of the holy grail are exhibited by companies that are renowned for their customer service experience and are enabled by modern technology. Consider:

  • Uber
  • Stitchfix
  • Naturebox

Begin by focusing on the #1 thing you can do to create a lifetime customer: SAVE THEM TIME.

The above examples of uber, stitchfix and naturebox all save their customers time. Note – None of these companies compete on price!

Uber saves the time of locating the local taxi service, calling to request a vehicle and wasting time waiting on an unknown arrival time
Stitchfix provides a virtual shopping experience that delights customers with special selections based on their preferences, size and budget. It’s packaged beautifully, includes personalized fashion suggestions and is delivered to their doorstep
Naturebox provides healthy snacks personalized to nutrition goals and likes, boxed distinctively and delivered on a predictable basis

86% of leaders feel digital innovation is important to their future (North Highland)

Creating the Personalized Purchase Path

What do you need to know to create the core data to generate a personalized purchase path?

Track interactions from the first touch. This includes a lead management system which is often included in a CRM system. As your customer progresses through the education and evaluation process, you should track activities along the way. Across transaction volume, you should be able to identify behavior triggers.

Track web behavior. Understand the implicit and explicit digital footprint that your web traffic provides. What pages of your site are being most visited? As you become more sophisticated, begin to understand the entire journey and map across multiple visits. Build individual profiles that identify intent and offer content relevant to that intention.

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Track conversion behavior. Maintain a transparent history that is available both internal to your team and external to your client. Conversion behavior can include content access, views, store visits and interactions, demonstrated interests, cart items and purchases. This information will likely be tracked within multiple systems of website, marketing automation and your ERP system.

Eliminate silos. Otherwise known as integrate your data. Integrate the various channels of data that you are capturing and create a true profile of your customer. This insight will allow you to begin creating personas, which are the basis of personalization.


Demonstrate your knowledge back to your customer.

  • Get repeat business by making it easy. This is what customers expect.
  • Get loyalty by knowing them well. This is what customers appreciate.
  • Get them for life by personalizing and centered around them. This is what customers love.

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Margaret Wise leads Arke Systems' initiatives related to their strategic technology partners including Microsoft and Sitecore. Margaret joined the Microsoft CRM ecosystem with the introduction of Microsoft CRM v1 and has been contributing her extensive CRM experience ever since. Margaret holds an MBA with a concentration in Finance from Brenau University. Margaret has also volunteered around Atlanta through Hands On Atlanta, Prevent Child Abuse Georgia, at her church and her children’s school in Dunwoody. She has been a member of TAG (Technology Association of Georgia), CRM Society for 8 years and a board member for 3 years. As a member of WIT (Women in Technology), her favorite volunteer opportunities have been to mentor through Girls Get IT. Margaret is an avid reader and runner but mostly enjoys spending time with her husband, 10 year old son and 7 year old daughter.