ARKE VP of Strategy Margaret Wise shared the vision of better brand experiences at Sitecore’s Global Sales Kick-Off (#GSKO) at the Phoenician Resort in Phoenix this week.

During a presentation on the role of technology in the buyer’s journey, she emphasized how businesses that focus on desired results outperform those that embrace technology as a silver bullet.

ARKE Presented at Sitecore GSKO

Businesses that work strategically and make customer-centricity a priority will outperform their competitors, she explained. This strategic approach enables companies to more effectively leverage their technology investments and create more compelling and frictionless customer experiences.

Atlanta-based ARKE is a brand experience consultancy specializing in strategic implementations of marketing technology solutions. The company helps its clients create successful digital transformations.

ARKE: Experience, Results

Wise focused on ARKE’s two-pronged mantra of Experience and Results. She told attendees how businesses can capitalize on people, processes, technology, and data to win and retain relationships that can help their companies grow.

By asking the right questions, understanding the client’s unique business needs, and taking a thorough look at the client’s technology and data, ARKE creates blueprints for brand success.

Without thoughtful technology integrations, businesses lose data insights and cannot address customer issues proactively.

By knowing the data, initiating process improvement, and integrating systems, companies will create actionable alignment across people, process, technology, and data, she said.

Need help mapping technology to your buyer’s journey? Contact Margaret Wise for more information, including a copy of ARKE’s Journey Mapping Workbook.

Margaret Wise at the Sitecore GSKO