Customer experience is a curious thing. We can all articulate exactly what we want when we’re on the receiving end. And yet, when tasked to provide exceptional experiences, we often fail to invert the equation.

Rather than ask, “What would I want as a customer of this brand?” we tend to get mired in what we as businesses want from our websites, apps, and other touchpoints.

We forget to walk in our customer’s shoes — or, as digital anthropologist and futurist Brian Solis says, “See the world through our consumers’ eyes (and smartphones).”

Customers and Better Brand Experience

As a proponent of brand experience, I’m working to change this paradigm. Brand experience is bigger and bolder and bolder than customer experience.

It tracks and maps both online and offline interactions. It considers a person’s interactions with your brand as well your competitors. And it focuses on a bigger vision of the overall impact your brand has on the people associated with it.

Brand experience encompasses every touchpoint a company has with not only its customers but also other key stakeholders: employees, partners, distributors, vendors, and so forth. Supported by the customer journey, physical and digital channels, and strategically important technology, it sets the priority as the quality of a user’s experience.

It forces us to not only consider what our customers experience when they interact with our brand, but to consider their related feelings and expectations.

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So What Do Customers Want?

If I ask you to define what your customers want, you’ll probably do two things.

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As Chief Marketing Technologist at Arke, Chris Spears helps senior leaders align marketing technologies to broader digital transformation and customer experience initiatives. Versed in both technology and strategy, he is uniquely positioned to help clients and prospects understand the possibilities of marketing technology. He is a Sitecore Digital Strategy MVP with experience in web content management, customer relationship management systems, and analytics. A graduate of Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Computer Science, Chris is active in the Metro Atlanta Chamber Board of Directors, the Technology Association of Georgia, the American Marketing Association, the Atlanta CEO Council, and the Institute for Enterprise and Innovation.