The best customer experience just isn’t enough anymore. Today you have to think more broadly and boldly about everyone who interacts with your company — your customers, as well as your employees, partners, distributors, vendors, and all other stakeholders.

At Arke, this holistic approach is the foundation of brand experience excellence. By replacing the word “customer” with “brand,” we can expand the considerations as you design buyer, client, and employee journeys.

What’s Brand Experience?

Brand experience is more than another catchphrase. It’s a way of expressing commitment to the best possible experience for everyone connected to your company.

Supported by stakeholder journeys, physical and digital channels, and strategically important technology, it encourages a big-picture lens to evaluate experience in all of its contexts.

Brand experience is a more complete, complex concept than customer experience. Rather than focus on isolated touchpoints or interactions, brand experience prioritizes the end-to-end journey.

Brand experience tracks and maps both online and offline interactions. It considers a person’s interactions with your brand as well your competitors. And it focuses on a bigger vision of the overall impact your brand has on the people associated with it.

Arke Embraces Brand Experience

For the marketing technologists at Arke, brand experiece a more viable way to approach the people, processes, data, and technology that collectively differentiate one company from its competitors.

Think about it. Your relationships with your stakeholders are more than a series of isolated interactions on one or more channels.What’s important are the end-to-end journeys you offer — your brand experience.

As McKinsey analysts noted, “Delivering successful journeys brings about an operational and cultural shift that engages the organization across functions and from top to bottom, generating excitement, innovation, and a focus on continuous improvement. It creates a culture that’s hard to build otherwise, and a true competitive advantage goes to companies that get it right.”

Journey Mapping Focus

Brand experience extends beyond the awareness and acquisition journey. It also encompasses the sales journey, the product/service usage journey (support), and, lastly, the loyalty/advocacy journey.

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“Organizationally, adopting a journey-centric approach allows companies to move from siloed functions and top-down innovation to cross-functional processes and empowered, bottom-up innovation,” the McKinsey analysts added.

To remain or become a market leader, companies have to cultivate excellent experiences on all channels, at all times, for all stakeholders.

Understanding Brand Experience

Your digital presence has to complement and amplify your physical channels. You want to create smooth, seamless, and engaging journeys — across the board.

“Brand experience is not just how you communicate with your prospects or your employees or your partners or your distributors. It encompasses all of your key stakeholders — because they each have a piece of that chain in how you sell to your clients,” explained Chris Spears, Arke co-founder and Chief Marketing Technology Officer.

End-to-End Instead of Touchpoints

Spears said emphasizing brand experience changes the conversation, especially with potential clients.

“Most of our competitors come in and suggest the obvious, like a new website or new email campaign. They tend to pitch something very specific.

“And while we can deliver all of those specific things, we focus on the big idea of brand experience.

“We ask prospective clients questions such as, ‘What’s it like to call your call center? How does that call center experience impact what happens with your website? How does that impact what happens when someone walks in your retail store?'”

All of these things fall under the brand experience umbrella, he said.

“We look at experience from end-to-end, not just from the perspective of a one-off problem we’re trying to solve. And we dig deeper to understand the drivers of the business,” Spears said.

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Noreen Seebacher is the content evangelist at Arke, where she researches, writes and continues her long career in news reporting as a brand journalist. Noreen lives in Beaufort, South Carolina with her husband, her dog and four formerly homeless cats.