What Is Arke University?

Arke University, or ArkeU, is a complete training program that covers the major technologies for both marketing and technologists alike with the option to complete the courses online or in-person through live, instructor-led training. ArkeU was created for both individual marketers and technologists or full teams.

Arke University’s mission is to close the knowledge gap between both Marketing and IT and to create a unified language between the two parties. As we analyze the paradigm shift in the present digital world, we recognize a need for a more complete training program – one that dives deep and explains the complex world of marketing technology.

FREE Arke University Course Download

Download the very first course in Arke University – Marketing Foundation – and get a jumpstart on your Marketing Technology Certification journey!

Online Access + Content

Arke University is instantly available at your finger tips. Individual marketers and technologists can take advantage of the content immediately by purchasing and downloading the complete course content. Learn more about how to purchase Arke University instantly!

Live Instructor-Led Training

Arke University also offers the option to take live, instructor-led training at the host site in Atlanta, Georgia. One of our Marketing Technologists teaches the entire course material for 3 – 4 days to a team of your choice. Learn how to take advantage of our live training and how to book it for your team!

Who Is Arke University For?

Individual Marketers & Technologists

No matter where you are in your career, Arke University can help you get there.

Marketing & IT Teams

Education for the entire team means a more complete vision for growth – both personally and organizationally.

“I enjoyed my time at Arke University. I learned so much not only from the instructors, but also from the fellow marketers in the room! I left Arke University with clear takeaways and objectives to explore for my company to better leverage marketing technology.”

Kris Hey

Product Marketing Analyst, CEDAR Document Technologies

“Arke University has something for everyone. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned marketer, you will leave Arke energized and ready to embark on your own marketing technology transformation. Arke University is the perfect program for the MarTech generation!”

Donna Holpuch

Marketing Communications Manager, Helmer Scientific

“It doesn’t matter what industry or level of marketing you’re in; Arke University has something for everyone. Actionable marketing technology education is difficult to find and with Arke University we have a way to educate and build collaboration in our team.”

David Goff

Sales & Marketing Manager, O'Neal Industries

What Comes With Arke University

On-demand online training or instructor-led training

Certificate of Completion when you complete the course

Unlimited Access to Content

Actionable, in-depth courses and content

Access to experienced marketing technologists

Coverage of the major technologies you'll need to know for success

Complete training materials you can pick up any time

Cost-effective training for the entire team

Thousands of dollars worth of training and consulting materials