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CPG Digital Challenges and Trends

2016 was a challenging year for many in consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. A tough economic environment, coupled with increasingly conservative spending habits, is forcing CPG brands to think more strategically to stay ahead. In the past few years we’ve also... read more

The Secret to B2B Sales and Marketing Success

An organization cannot succeed on a grand scale if Sales and Marketing are not aligned. If reading that first sentence kind of made you break into a sweat or gave you that weird sinking feeling in your gut, then you’re going to want to read. But we know the... read more

How to Market Products vs Services for B2B

B2B marketers have an interesting challenge. B2C marketers are usually in the position to sell to just one buyer, and one buyer only. B2B marketers, however, have to consider not just one buyer, but several buyers from the same business, and chances are that they are... read more

Real Steps Towards Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation will be the topic on everyone’s minds next year. Some of you are starting to plan for it now. There are a number of ways to go about your own digital transformation, but after doing tons of research on the topic, I brought together the... read more

The Top Marketing Blogs for B2B Companies

When doing any kind of research or just general “I need to know what’s going on in the marketing world”,  there’s always the list of marketing blogs I check. I wanted to put together the top marketing blogs – especially if you’re... read more

The Future of Outbound Prospecting for B2B Sales

By now, sales teams across the nation have probably read every book there is on outbound prospecting and taken every training on outbound prospecting. Some are really, really good and others are lagging a bit in terms of best practices. What’s also interesting... read more

How to Start a Corporate Blog that Doesn’t Suck

So. You need to start a blog for your enterprise company, huh? Maybe you’re a marketing leader and you need to brush up on what it’s going to take to start a corporate blog or maybe you’re someone in charge of leading this project and building out... read more

The Top Digital Skills For Marketing Success

Cue the recruiter’s sigh heard ’round the world, and the hiring manager (usually a marketer) who knows just how hard it is to find excellent talent. Or if you can’t find it, figuring out how to plant and harvest the skills needed to be competitive... read more

How I Use Query Strings to Gain Customer Insights

You’ve all seen a campaign code before (query strings as some more tech-savvy people like to call them). Any time you’ve ever clicked a link in an email or from social that led to more information about a product or service, you might have seen some weird... read more

How to Audit Your People, Process, Tools, and Data for Digital Transformation – Part I

The Digital Transformation Framework Digital transformation is a term gaining popularity due to organization’s need to keep progressing digitally as the landscape evolves. The Arke developed framework for transformation has three of the following goals: ranking... read more

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Sitecore 8.1

On a previous version of Sitecore? If you answered yes then, you’re missing out on the awesome benefits the upgrade offers. Upgrading also prevents risks to security and enhances site performance – here are your top 5 reasons to upgrade to Sitecore 8.1.... read more

Is your marketing team really ready to compete?

Closing the Talent Gap with Arke University Technology has forever changed the function of marketing, demanding a whole new set of skills. Unfortunately the pace of change has required many professional market-ers to learn on the fly – most often taking a... read more

Top 10 Skills Digital Marketers Need

Almost every profession and industry has a talent gap. This is because technology has transformed the skills needed to stay competitive in a constantly changing market. Marketing hasn’t been immune to the changes technology has brought to the profession. There... read more

Be Like Amazon with this Very Simple Trick

Amazon has become one of the top E-commerce companies and is looked up to by peers and competitors alike. How could an organization that started out as an online book retailer become an E-commerce giant, selling just about any and everything you could buy in-store?... read more

How Great Companies Overcome Technology Debt

No one would argue that most companies have made significant investments in technology over the past twenty years in an attempt to keep pace with consumer expectations. However, the recent changes in devices and the way people use the internet is outpacing what many... read more