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CPG Digital Challenges and Trends

2016 was a challenging year for many in consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. A tough economic environment, coupled with increasingly conservative spending habits, is forcing CPG brands to think more strategically to stay ahead. In the past few years we’ve also...

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The Secret to B2B Sales and Marketing Success

An organization cannot succeed on a grand scale if Sales and Marketing are not aligned. If reading that first sentence kind of made you break into a sweat or gave you that weird sinking feeling in your gut, then you're going to want to read. But we know the...

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How to Market Products vs Services for B2B

B2B marketers have an interesting challenge. B2C marketers are usually in the position to sell to just one buyer, and one buyer only. B2B marketers, however, have to consider not just one buyer, but several buyers from the same business, and chances are that they are...

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Real Steps Towards Digital Transformation Success

Digital transformation will be the topic on everyone's minds next year. Some of you are starting to plan for it now. There are a number of ways to go about your own digital transformation, but after doing tons of research on the topic, I brought together the biggest...

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The Top Marketing Blogs for B2B Companies

When doing any kind of research or just general "I need to know what's going on in the marketing world",  there's always the list of marketing blogs I check. I wanted to put together the top marketing blogs - especially if you're B2B. Below are some of my most trusted...

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