The Marketing Technology Alignment

Placing customers at the center of your marketing strategy

What is the MTA?

This 3-day workshop places many of your organizations’ stakeholders in one room together for a meaningful discussion about how you’re leveraging four major aspects of the business including: People, Process, Technology, and Data. After completing the workshop you will have gained a clear customer-centric roadmap, technology audit of current marketing tools, and so much more.

What Can the MTA Do For Me?

Become (More) Data-Driven

Make data-driven decisions with predictive analytics and always know your next move.

Sharpen Your Customer Insights

Refresh the way your products and services align with the wants and needs of your most important customers.

Get Back to Marketing Basics

Execute the marketing fundamentals and get your marketing engine running again!

Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Do you really need more tools? Leverage your existing infrastructure to optimize ROI on all marketing initiatives.


Guaranteed Detailed Action Items

Leave the MTA with new ideas and a path for growth. Eureka!

Align Sales, Marketing, and IT

With everyone on the same page, your organization will reach new heights.

Who Is the MTA For?



If your Marketing and IT departments work in a vacuum causing disconnected approaches to similar business goals – and ultimately a different set of KPIs for each division.

  • Gain a better understanding of your customers
  • Understand the intersection of Marketing and IT
  • Better plan for an ever-changing technology landscape


You are constantly defending Marketing’s role in the organization and navigating a complex Marketing Technology Landscape.

  • Maximize your Marketing ROI
  • Leverage your IT department to fuel your Marketing initiatives
  • Master your marketing technology stack

Marketing & Sales

You are overwhelmed with an ever-changing Marketing Technology Landscape, and are inhibited by finite limitations of resources, time, and budget.

  • Become Digital Marketing experts
  • Sharpen Your Customer Insights
  • Better understand what technology can do for you


You are inundated with an endless amount of Marketing support requests, and this inhibits you from innovating.

  • Prioritize Marketing requests
  • Influence Marketing strategy with Customer Data
  • Understand Top Marketing Tools

What Our Customers Are Saying

While we are offering 1 hour of consulting for free, the full-package is Arke’s Marketing Technology Alignment (MTA). The MTA is a full-day of consulting that comes with a personalized roadmap to success. The MTA is delivered by the best Digital Strategists and Marketing Technologists in the industry. Here’s what some of the responses were to the full-day workshop:


“Arke’s Marketing Technology Alignment bridged the gap between Sales and Marketing, and got us thinking on the same page. This will
allow us to move from modest growth to 20% growth.”

Matt Hodges

Director of Marketing, Gold Bond Inc.

“The MTA was a very positive project to work through. So much so, that I felt we should move forward with next steps and Arke.”

Ben Giovannetti

General Manager, R & B Metal Structures

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The Arke team worked hard and went beyond the call of duty. I’ve never been prouder to work with you all. Thank you on behalf of the executive leadership team.”

Global Insurance Provider

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the MTA?

The MTA (Marketing Technology Alignment) is a full-day of consulting provided by ARKE’s expert marketing technologists and digital strategists. The full MTA includes a personalized roadmap after the full day of consulting is complete.

What if I want more than a full day of consulting?

Advice-seekers have a few options.

All of the consulting services are provided by ARKE Systems, a marketing technology partner dedicated to helping marketers optimize their current technology and helping organizations find the right digital marketing mix. We want to see you succeed!

You can learn more about the MTA by downloading more information here.


How do I sign up for a Marketing Technology Alignment (MTA)?

You can request a free hour-long consultation of the MTA by clicking here. After your phone call, our Chief Marketing Technologist will follow up with next steps.

Who can I speak to about the MTA?

If you still have questions about the MTA, please email or call us at 404.812.3123.

Ready to begin your Marketing Technology journey?